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saint sava church Belgrade

A Very Brief Visit to Belgrade, Serbia

The short visit to Belgrade, Serbia, as part of our Viking River Cruise, was a bit unsatisfying. To get to the bottom of Belgrade, one would need a lot more time. For on the surface, it’s gray. Even on a sunny day, the city doesn’t offer itself up easily. We ate in a recommended restaurant, […]

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The Bean hearing aid

The Tech We Travel With

We get asked a lot about what we carry on the road. Most people are astonished by how little we carry–a roll on and a backpack each. But, we tell our questioners, we could get away with less if Tom weren’t carrying 13 kilograms (28 pounds) of camera gear and if Kris weren’t carrying about […]

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wooden church plopsis romania

The Wooden Churches, Maramures, Romania

The history of the wooden churches which dot the villages of north western Romania is an interesting one. Maramures, as the region is called, is primarily an Orthodox, or Greek, Christian enclave. But while the region was under the domination of the Roman Catholic Austria-Hungarian Empire from the 17th to 19th Centuries, the Orthodox were […]

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Jaume Marin, Costa Brava, Spain

Jaume Marin Fires Up Costa Brava

The trade show for this travel conference was noisy. Really noisy, and placed in the center of the main floor lobby of our hosting hotel, Evenia Olympic Palace, in Lloret del Mar, Spain. When Jaume Marin stepped away from the mayhem to talk with us, he had to first reassure his little daughter, who stopped […]

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Home visit with Nada in village near Osijek, Croatia

The Other Side of Croatia

Instead of visiting the popular Croatian coast area as we’d planned (or, more precisely, casually envisioned), we spent a day on the opposite side of the country. The east of Croatia reaches the Danube River and features broad flat plains of agricultural land. We arrived in this part of the world via Viking River Cruise’s […]

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